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5 Price Lane
Agnes Banks
NSW 2753

Po Box 419
NSW 2753

Phone: 02 4588 5200
Fax: 02 4578 1458

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Why Choose Us

Our place or Yours

Most cases are attended at the stable or farm, but the trend toward "haul in" consultation is encouraged. Not only can up to half the visit fee be saved, but appointment scheduling is facilitated, and extra diagnostic equipment and staff are immediately at hand if required. At least 24 hours advance booking of routine consultations is appreciated.

Modern Facilities

Are offered for equine anaesthesia and surgery. The practice is associated with a particular interest pathology laboratory, which collects specimens three times daily, and some laboratory tests are performed "in house". The pharmacy stocks most common horse medications.

Responsible drug use

We have a commitment to responsible drug use and request your cooperation in this regard. Particular care is required with Schedule 4 (S4) medications. These are potent medications and are so classified to emphasise the potential for misuse. Please use only as prescribed and for the animal intended. We can only prescribe these drugs for horses in our care, for cases with which we are familiar, and for use on properties in which we are in regular attendance.

Please seek advice for disposal of unused medication and used injection apparatus.

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Our Team

Derek Major

Derek Major is a founding partner of Agnes Banks Equine Clinic, he graduated from Sydney University in 1979.

He is currently managing partner, and has particular interests in surgery and reproduction.

Ian Duckworth

Ian Duckworth is also a founding partner, having graduated from Sydney University in 1984.

Particular interests include sports medicine, racetrack practice and stud medicine.

Neil Walton

Neil Walton joined the practice in 1992. He hails from England, where he gained his degree in Liverpool.

He is especially interested in all aspects of thoroughbred racing.

Neil is currently studying a Degree in Exotic Animals.

Christine Smith

Dr. Christine Smith is a Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery, and has a particular interest in performance, lameness and all aspects of equine surgery including colic, upper respiratory and joint surgery.

Laura Lee

Laura was born and raised in South Africa, where she completed a Veterinary Science degree at University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort, South Africa from 1999-2004.

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